Mar 13, 2010

Constitution Party: Best of Times, Worst of Times

The Prepared Christian relays a recent organizing letter from the Constitution Party:
Dear Fellow Constitutionalist,
In the 18 years since we began our political journey at the Constitution Party’s first National Convention in New Orleans, we have come far! What was only a dream in 1992-- a brand new national political party that would offer average Americans principled, constitutionalist candidates for whom to vote, candidates who would provide honest, representation, free from the strings of special interests - is now an emerging reality.
is much good news! In Pennsylvania, two Constitution Party candidates were elected to local partisan office in 2009. In 2010 many Constitution Party state affiliates will be offering first class candidates for office. The dynamic Chelene Nightingale of California, the incumbent mayor of Tull, Arkansas Frank Gilbert, and the charismatic Randy Stufflebeam in Illinois are just three of our terrific and dedicated candidates for Governor. Likewise, outstanding Constitution Party candidates like Rob Taylor in Wisconsin, Eric Deaton in Ohio, Bernie De Castro in Florida and Jan Johnson in New York are among the many who are stepping forward to offer a real choice for U.S. Senate.
In states such as Nevada, Utah, Michigan and Missouri, the Constitution Party will be running large slates of candidates; most of our states will be offering more Constitution Party candidates than ever before; and some states, like Delaware, Maryland, Iowa and Alabama (to name just a few) will be offering CP Congressional candidates for the very first time . . .

Yet, as we approach that goal and the fulfillment of our dreams, there is Danger... A Very Grave Danger, that threatens to destroy all that we have worked for and turn these dreams to ashes!

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