Mar 17, 2010

FL: Libertarian Observer Fears "More of the Same" From Tea Party Republicans

At Destinlog, Peter J. Blome, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Okaloosa County and a member of the Fort Walton Beach Tea Party, records his observations of a recent tea party candidate forum:
Recently, the Fort Walton Beach Tea Party held a candidate forum for the Florida 4th District representative election. This was the seat formerly held by Ray Sansom. The five Republican candidates stood next to each other and answered individually crafted questions created by a Tea Party committee. The one Democrat contender for state representative was invited, but did not appear . . . But Okaloosa County does not need just another forum. It needs competition. It needs a new approach. At the end of the evening it was clear that the Tea Party forum was political routine. Government control over individuals and business will still be the only means of doing business.

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