Mar 17, 2010

MD: Libertarians Pledge "Six to Zero in Eight"

From the MDLP:
On Saturday, March 13, 2010 the Maryland Libertarian Party held its annual state convention. The Libertarian Party’s Candidate for Governor, Susan Gaztañaga, began to outline some key issues and the platform of her campaign. Two issues that she has brought are the Sales Tax and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Six to Zero in Eight”, Gaztañaga pledges: “We need to eliminate our State Sales Tax and boost the economy of Maryland.” The plan would reduce the sales tax rate to zero in eight years.

The Maryland Libertarian Party strongly opposes the draconian tax policy of Governor Martin O’Malley, who raised the Sales Tax in an economic downturn. Businesses on the Eastern Shore of Maryland would directly benefit from this proposal by the Gaztañaga Campaign, as they would be on equal footing with Delaware businesses, which currently do not have a sales tax.

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