Mar 29, 2010

IL: Green Gov Candidate Blasts Dems on Healthcare and Public Pensions

Via Corrente:
Carbondale, IL-Green Party Candidate for Governor Rich Whitney issued the following statement today regarding passage of the federal health care bill and the pending reform of the Illinois pension system:
Two major events this week strikingly illustrate how the leadership of the Democratic Party makes a pretense of defending the interests of working people – while actually attacking those interests on behalf of their corporate paymasters, including Wall Street.
The first is the signing of the so-called Health Insurance reform bill in Washington – which should properly be named the "Health Insurance Company Enrichment Act of 2010."
The second is the ramming through of Senate Bill SB 1946 in Springfield, which created a two-tier public pension system in most of our state’s public pensions. This was done in one day – between the time the text of the bill was amended and its passage in both houses of the General Assembly.

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