Mar 1, 2010

IN: Libertarians Push for Full Slate of Candidates in 2010

From the Post-Tribune:
Local officials of the Libertarian Party were pleased with a room-filling turnout for a two-hour town hall meeting Saturday afternoon at the Valparaiso branch of the Porter County Public Library. . . .  "We're fiscal conservatives, but more liberal on social issues ... we've been getting members from (the) Republicans and Democrats," [County Chair] Duensing said.  Duensing said that on particular issues, the party has opposed the Patriot Act and business bailouts and seeks elimination of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Food and Drug Administration.
Duensing called for an end to arrests and imprisonment for "victimless crimes" and no government involvement in sexual activities between consenting adults. Drexler said the party is organized in only 30 of Indiana's 92 counties but wants to field candidates in every state House and Senate district, as well as a full slate for both houses of Congress.

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