Mar 18, 2010

MO: Money Bomb for Consitution Party Senate Candidate Mike Simmons

From the Constitution Party discussion forum:
The Committee to Elect Mike Simmons 2010 is proud to announce the kick off of the Patrick Henry money bomb. The goal for this fundraiser is to raise $5000.00 by March 23rd, 2010. The 23rd of March is the 235th Anniversary of Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" speech. A money bomb is a blitzkrieg style fundraiser that is typically center upon a special event not unlike a telethon.

As you may or may not know Mike is facing some fierce opposition and his opponents have millions of dollars at their disposal. Your contribution will help fund the campaign and create literature to hand out in the upcoming election season.

If you know Mike or are interested in having a Constitutionalist candidate in office please consider making a contribution by going to:  
On his website, Simmons writes:
If you were a gambler would you feel safe with a 39% chance of winning? Probably not. According to data collected from the Freedom Index, since 2003 Congress has voted constitutionally only 39% of the time. The House's average is: 37% while the Senate's average is: 41%. How can someone swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and only vote constitutionally 39% of the time? The two party system clearly has no intention of upholding the Constitution; therefore it is time for a party rooted in the Constitution to take over. It is time for the Constitution Party!

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