Apr 1, 2010

FDL Blogger asks "Will FDL Support Greens in 2010 and 2012?"

Serious question or April Fools' joke? El Duderino writes at FDL:
The Democrat Party is useless. It cannot be relied upon to be a vehicle for progressive change. If it wasn’t evident when the party took power in Congress in 2006 only to continue propping up George W. Bush’s unconstitutional and illegal policies, or when the party actively protected him and his regime from prosecution, then there can be no more doubt in the wake of the failure of health care reform. . . . 
Now, Ms. Hamsher and her fellow bloggers may not feel comfortable taking this step, and they may have legitimate reasons for not making this necessary decision. If so, it would certainly help to hear them. Insults and threats of Republican victories will not convince people. Those are not effective arguments, but bullying. But if a reasoned, well thought out argument can be made for why the left shouldn’t leave the Democrat Party and build up the Greens, please make it. This is a serious topic for discussion and any arguments for or against throwing our support behind the Greens should be treated seriously.

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