Aug 12, 2010

CO: Jaimes Brown Wins Libertarian Gubernatorial Primary

IPR reports on the results of the Libertarian Party primary in Colorado:
The Colorado Libertarian held a primary on August 10th. This is the first year that the LP of Colorado held a statewide primary. There were three contested races for the nominations to US Senate, Governor, and 1st congressional district. The results are provided below, with victors listed first.
  • Jaimes Brown – 62%
  • Dan “Kilo” Sallis- 38%
US Senate:
  • Maclyn Stringer- 53%
  • John Finger- 47%
1st Congressional District:
  • Clint Jones- 60%
  • Jeffrey Schitter- 40%
See TPID's recent interview with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Jaimes Brown on the topic of approval voting.

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