Aug 12, 2010

GA: The Only Wasted Vote is a Vote for a Republican or a Democrat

From Chuck Donovan, GA Libertarian candidate for US Senate:

ATLANTA, GA – August 3, 2010 – On July 20th, Georgians went to the polls to vote in the state primary elections.  Absent from the primary ballots were the Libertarian Party candidates, who were chosen at the party’s state convention in April.
The Donovan for Senate Campaign wants to remind voters that there are more than just two candidates running in 2010.  While Johnny Isakson and Michael Thurmond have recently received their respective parties nomination, Chuck Donovan has been on the campaign trail for several months.
“People keep asking me about wasted votes” says Chuck Donovan.  “I ask them if they voted Republican, did they get what they voted for?  Were your representation been fiscally responsible?  Did they balance the budget?”
Johnny Isakson voted for the controversial Wall Street Bailout in 2008, unfunded mandates, and pork. “I ask Democrats the same question,” says Chuck.  “Now that President Obama is has not ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan like he promised, has decided to keep the detention center at Guantanamo Bay open, and has bailed out Wall Street a second time, do you think you are getting what you voted for?”

Mr. Donovan believes that voters get the best of both worlds with the Libertarian Party.  His campaign is about promoting fiscal responsibility, a smarter war on terrorism, and a renewed commitment to individual rights; ideals he believes the two major parties only play lip service to.
“Voting Republican or Democrat time and time again are the only wasted votes I know of.  Neither party has delivered no matter how many times they say they will.  It’s time to give Libertarians a chance.”
The Chuck Donovan for Senate Campaign is promoting fiscal responsibility, civil liberties and property rights for the benefit of all Americans.  Chuck will be at the Camden County Tea Party on August 3rd.  To learn more about his campaign, please visit

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