Aug 3, 2010

CT: John Mertens Backs Opposition to "Affiliate and Participate," Sec. of State's Major Party Propaganda Campaign and Recruitment Drive

John Mertens, an independent candidate for US Senate in Connecticut, has said he strongly supports the growing opposition to "affiliate and participate," the major party propaganda campaign and recruitment drive launched by Sec. of the State Susan Bysiewicz early last month. Since Daniel Reale, an independent-libertarian candidate for Congress in CT-2, lodged a formal complaint against Bysiewicz's propaganda drive, the Green Party candidate in the same race and the Free and Equal Foundation have come out in support of his efforts. See this post for background and source-links. Contacted for comment via email, Mertens wrote:
As a third-party activist for many years, Chair of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, and independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut in 2010, I strongly support Dan Reale's efforts to oppose the Secretary of the State's use of tax payers' dollars to promote partisanship. I've contacted Dan and offered my assistance.

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