Aug 3, 2010

VT: Independent Candidate for Governor Denounces Discriminatory Political System

From Em Payton for Governor:

Now comes Emily Peyton, Pro SE, Independent Gubernatorial Candidate, a resident of Windham County in Vermont ,  in the power vested in my person by the 500 signers of the petition to place me on the ballot, and makes the following complaint  against the named defendants above.
Whereas: It can be safely assumed that these signers desired to hear my views, and I have the duty and the responsibility to at least these 500 people of Vermont to participate in public forums, to openly criticize our methods of governance and offered such solutions as I have long and deliberately pondered and studied, at the expense of my personal productive time.  Further the newspapers that discriminate against me, and the radio stations that do the same and the forums and  debate hosts that (plan to) exclude me, and the television news that suppress any mention of my platform through the assumption that my movement to the Governor’s seat is bound to fail for the lack of funds, or for my choice to serve as an independent and not affiliate with either the Democrats, Republicans, or Progressives, or for my perceived incompetence due to my choice not to participate in campaigns for political office heretofore, or for my gender, or for whatever reason they may have for presupposing failure to win the election as reason to fail to cover my platform completely, is guilty of practicing unfair and illegal suppression, censorship and bias , which in turn causes damage to the people of Vermont by withholding the full complement of information that the People of Vermont absolutely need in order to make a full and informed decision prior to their vote in a few short months in November  2010.

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