Aug 3, 2010

ME: Major Party Candidates Play Games, Independents Call for Substance in Gov Race

From WCSH News:
After a week of partisan squabbles in the race for Governor of Maine, the leading independent candidates in the race say Mainers saw the worst side of politics.  Republican Paul LePage and GOP party Chairman Charlie Webster trades charges with Arden Manning, manager of the Democratic party's statewide campaign efforts - and with democratic candidate Libby Mitchell.  It stems from comments made last weekend by LePage about Mitchell's age, and an accusation that Manning had said LePage was unfit to be Governor because he is French catholic. Manning called that accusation "a lie", and demanded an apology. LePage responded by saying Manning should apologize for calling him a "creationist".

"Mud season's over", says independent Shawn Moody.  And fellow independent Eliot Cutler says it was a "tough week" for Maine voters. "They've seen the partisan blood sport competition and they've seen the trivialization of politics," says Cutler. Both independents say voters are turned off by the partisan bickering, because voters was real answers and real plans for fixing Maine's economy and government.
And both men say they're hearing a lot from Maine people.

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