Aug 19, 2010

IAP candidates reaching out to many, many voters

Floyd Fitzgibbons

The Independent American Party of Nevada has been wasting no time in appealing to voters of the Silver State, being an election year that has been marred by anti-incumbency fervor and a general disgust for the corruption and incompetence of the two major parties, which have driven the state and national economies to the ground, and have also harmed potential job & business growth as well.

The IAP's candidate for Governor, Floyd Fitzgibbons, has been making 7,000 calls a day to Nevada voters with a resilient campaign message containing strong overtones of prosperity, principles, and moral standards:
"Would you like to be in charge of your own healthcare instead of a federal bureaucracy? Would you like to see benefits stopped for illegal aliens? Would you like to have the freedom to make your own choices about your children's education and how it's paid for?Would you like to see un-constitutional federal legislation ignored at the state level? Would you like to see Nevada prosper again because of it? Would you like to see a Governor who affirmatively encourages traditional morality so that we might more fully enjoy God's blessings in our land? 
"Floyd Fitzgibbons is the only candidate for Governor who supports all these things. Don’t compromise your vote. Vote for the candidate who best represents your views..."
Mr. Fitzgibbons refuses to accept any campaign contributions; believing rather in using his own money and campaign on a grass-roots level that is considerate to the current stress and financial hardships of the average Nevada citizen.

Thomas Jones
In the meantime, Tom Jones, the IAP's candidate for State Senate, District 9, has also been busy reaching out in a vigorous manner to voters in his district too, as he reports:
"I am making 500 calls a day and canvassing about 100 to 200 homes a day. I have completed calling the NP voters and am now calling the OTHER, LIB, and IAP voters. Some days when I have help we even canvass more homes..."
With the strong growth and activity of the IAP, and the currently harsh conditions of our state's way of life; the Independent American Party is expected to do very well in November's elections.

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