Aug 19, 2010

Tea Party hosts favorite candidates at public forum

Janine Hansen
-- Elko Daily Free Press --

Independent American candidate for Nevada Assembly Janine Hansen said Tuesday she has a “better opportunity this year than ever” at winning a seat at the Nevada Legislature, where she has been a lobbyist for years.
She said there will be a lot of new faces in the Nevada Legislature because of term limits and changes in the political climate.
“I can represent you very well. I know the system and can work with Democrats and Republicans,” she told a Tea Party of Elko gathering.
Elko County sheriff candidate Jim Pitts said his first priorities, if elected, would be to focus on the department’s budget and “use the manpower better.”
The detective said the department can never get away from paying overtime but could cut it back by better scheduling and then adding positions, job slots he said need to be filled.
The Tea Party of Elko invited the two candidates to give talks and answer questions at the Double Dice RV Park. At least 40 people attended.
Hansen said she has “always stood against new taxes” in her lobbying role, and she said Nevada’s large tax increase to bail out the state wasn’t all because of the economic hard times in the state. She said Nevada overspent when the times were good.
“In 2009, when we had the economic collapse, we didn’t have the reserves we needed because of the spending spree. We need to rein in government to do what the people want,” said Hansen, advocating zero-based budgeting...
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