Aug 26, 2010

Libertarians are the Only Alternative to GOP's Reaganite Liberalism -Tea Action

From Tea Action:

Since Reagan, many Republican politicians have donned the 'conservative' mantle without an understanding of what wearing that title entails. As a result, both federal and state governments have grown larger, require more of your tax money to exist, and created more cavernous deficits. Even our current president struggles to maintain the interest of a conservative base while creating his newest entitlement program which expands the fiscal black hole known as Medicare. Just as the Democratic Party abandoned Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party appears to have abandoned conservatives.
Social and fiscal conservatives do have a viable alternative, and that is the Libertarian Party.

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ChrisNC said...

No, the Libertarian Party is an alternative for fiscal conservatives, but NOT for social conservatives. Their efforts to get legal compulsion in support of their social views are contrary to the anti-coercion perspective that defines libertarianism.