Aug 26, 2010

IL: Libertarian Lex Green Makes Impression at 9/12 Group Meeting

From a reader at the Illinois PJ Star:
It was my pleasure to meet and listen to a rather unknown contender for the position of Illinois governor by the name of Lex Green, representing the Libertarian Party, during a meeting of the 9-12 Project recently.

Compared to today's powers in Springfield, he proposes fiscal discipline, a constitutional government and individual rights. He is running under the premise of bringing prosperity back to Illinois. The thing that struck me was that he sounds sincere and honest, something I fail to see in other contenders. Isn't it a fact that most politicians tell you exactly what you want to hear? Well, he didn't seem to be that way, and that is why I'll put my X next to his name on the ballot in November! How about you?

V.R."Mike" Mitchell

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