Aug 26, 2010

Tom Tancredo winning backers on FaceBook; GOP tries intimidation

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Tom Tancredo's gubernatorial campaign is gaining support from fed up Republicans on this thread. Read all of the comments and note that long-time Republican activists have been threatened by GOP insiders and have told them to get lost. Also note the typical name-calling that Dan Maes supporters are using. Their name-calling shows that they have no good arguments for voting for Maes, and they're becoming more frustrated and vitriolic by the day as Maes fumbles and stumbles his way into oblivion.
Connie Harn and her husband have worked for Jefferson County Republicans for some 35 years. She posted this on FaceBook:
"Christopher, the GOP boxed themselves in a long time ago. Their hand-picked candidates have not gone over well with voters in this state for years. The GOP recently got word out to every republican club and organization, including those that serve on the central committees, precinct people, district captains, etc. that if they come out in support of Tom Tancredo instead of Maes, they will lose their status within the party. Strong arm politics once again. Even if Maes did drop, I wouldn't support anyone the GOP put up as the substitute candidate. I'm a member of two tea parties, and that is exactly what the movement was fighting against to begin with. The word I've gotten is that over 10,000 people changed their party affiliation from the republican party to the ACP since Tom put his hat in the ring. (and that figure doesn't include those that changed to Independent). Many other repubs will vote for Tom, but not publicly announce this for fear of the insider reprisal.."

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