Aug 17, 2010

LOL: Ohio Libertarian Candidate for Congress, Travis Irvine, Takes on the Democrat-Republican "Kiss of Debt" in New Web Video

Press release and video link sent to TPID via email, from Irvine for Congress:
Columbus, OH – August 16, 2010  – The campaign of Libertarian Congressional candidate Travis Irvine, an independent filmmaker/journalist of Bexley and a former Bexley Mayoral Candidate, has released its latest web video, entitled “The Kiss of Debt.” The campaign is also taking to task Rep. Pat Tiberi for his recent hypocritical stance on federal government spending.

The web video features Irvine kissing a string of adorable babies while talking about the debt they will inherit due to the federal government’s irresponsible spending, a debt that is growing by almost $1 trillion each year.  It is a slippery slope that Tiberi and a Republican Congress put the country on during the Bush years, and has only been worsened by Democrats in control now . .  .
To learn more about the Irvine for Congress campaign, go to

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