Aug 6, 2010

MA: Jill Stein Supporters to Launch "Democracy Days," a Model for Clean Campaign Fundraising

An email from Joseph Russel, sent to TPID:
A dedicated group of supporters of Jill Stein, the Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor, have started a movement to introduce clean,  voter-based funding to the only candidate not taking corporate  donations. They're trying to send the message, $10 at a time, that it  isn’t necessary to be entrenched in corporate interests to fund a  political campaign. On these days of action, called "Democacy Days", they’re asking for donations of $10 or more to drive this message home.

As Democracy Days’ Eli Beckerman just posted, if every one of the 75,000 citizens who voted for Stein in the 2002 gubernatorial race gave $10, she would not only have a substantial  amount of money to get her message out there, but also receive matching
funds from the state. As the only candidate who has agreed to abide by Massachusetts clean election laws, this is the perfect opportunity to let lawmakers know that we will no longer support politicians who are beholden to corporations who threaten our economy, environment and the health of our communities.

Please join me on Tuesday, August 10th, for the third Democracy Day, and please spread the word far and wide so that we can get the message out there that democracy doesn't have to go to the highest corporate bidder and that people themselves can still make a real difference in the political landscape.

Joseph Russell

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