Aug 22, 2010

PA: Purge of Libertarian Candidate from Ballot an "Affront to Citizens of Pennsylvania"

A letter to the editor of Penn Live, from ERIK VIKER, Libertarian Party candidate State House of Representatives, District 85:

The Pennsylvania Republican Party is supporting an effort to strike third-party candidates from the general election ballot in November.

While Democrats and Republicans can waltz onto the state ballot with no real effort, third-party candidates must collect more than 19,000 voter signatures to petition for the right to serve as a choice for Pennsylvania voters.

Despite this blatantly unfair requirement, the Libertarian Party candidates for U.S. senator, governor and Lt. governor demonstrated the trust of the people by filing well over the minimum number of petition signatures.

But for reasons that defy understanding, other than possibly a cowardly need to retain power, the GOP wants a court to deny these candidates their fair place on the ballot.

Ignoring all the evidence of voter dissatisfaction with same-old party politics, the Republican leadership has decided the people of Pennsylvania don’t deserve more choices on Election Day.

Mike Robertson, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, calls this ploy an “affront to the citizens of Pennsylvania” and calls on all political party leaders to condemn this effort to restrict voter choices.

Republican candidates should disavow this shameful attempt to restrict certain citizens’ ability to be involved in government service.
Libertarian Party candidate
State House of Representatives, District 85

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