Aug 22, 2010

TX: Libertarian Candidate for Governor Wants to Cut Perry's Bloated State Budget in Half

From Lubbock Online:
As the Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor, [Kathie] Glass said she knows she’s an underdog . . .  Glass, a 56-year-old lawyer from Houston, said her greatest focus as a prospective governor is not the $18 billion deficit the legislature is projected to face when it reconvenes in January. That’s hardly a fraction of her goal: To cut in half the state’s approximately $180-billion biannual budget.

“If my plan sounds scary to people, I’ll remind them that’s where the budget was 10 years ago with the start of Rick Perry’s term,” Glass said. She briefly outlined her plan to cut or redesignate more than half the state’s budget. She wants the state to opt out of Medicaid and the recently-passed national health care program, which she estimates takes up about 26 percent of the state’s budget. Removing another quarter of the state’s budget would come, she said, through limiting to Texas citizens the use of tax payer-funded services such as education and health care.

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