Sep 24, 2010

FL: Libertarian Snitker Launches Weekly Radio Show as Part of Senate Campaign

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Libertarian Alexander Snitker, who’s running for the U.S. Senate, announced today that he’ll be hosting a radio call-in show every Friday between now and Election Day. The show will air on WTAN 1340 AM in Tampa Bay and on 1350 AM in Dade City. It will also be stream lived at . . . Snitker will follow the Don Imus show . . .  Here’s Snitker’s release …

TAMPA – Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker launched another unconventional campaign tactic in what is fast becoming one of the most talked about grassroots candidacies in the nation.  Snitker will host a weekly call-in radio talk show to be broadcast initially in two Florida markets.

The Alex Snitker Show will broadcast live on WTAN 1340 AM in the Tampa Bay market, and on AM 1350 in Dade City every Friday from 9am to 10am from now until the November election.   The show will also be streamed live on the Internet at

According promotional advertisements, the Alex Snitker Show claims, “Unlike his rivals –  Rubio, Crist and Meek — Alex Snitker wants to hear from you, so call in and speak your mind.  No questions are off limits…”   The show will air in a popular time slot, immediately following radio icon Don Imus.
If elected, Snitker said the show will continue, and he will gladly take calls from his constituents every week.  “One of the deciding factors in my running for office was the fact that I had tried repeatedly to get in touch with my Senators, with no success,” said Snitker.  “Politicians insulate themselves from regular Americans and that’s wrong.  I want people to be able to share their ideas and voice their grievances.”

Snitker says he welcomes all of his rivals for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat to join him on the air this Friday to debate the issues.  “Hopefully they have the courage to accept the challenge,” said Snitker.
His campaign has made news lately by chastising the mass media, along with his Senatorial rivals, for excluding him from the televised debates.   Earlier this month, he launched a TV ad campaign where he called the first of a scheduled series of debates a “travesty of the democratic process,” and his supporters have protested outside of television stations in Tampa and Miami.

On Monday, the campaign released a YouTube video asking “Why is Marco Rubio afraid of Alex Snitker?”  The video shows Republican Marco Rubio dodging questions about Snitker’s exclusion from the debates.

“Since the mainstream media and major pollsters have blacklisted Alex, we have to find whatever venue we can to get the message out,” said campaign media director Adrian Wyllie, who will co-host the show.   “Talk radio and social media have been very successful for us, so that’s where we must focus for now.”

Snitker’s platform centers around strict adherence to Constitutionally-limited government, with a strong focus on individual liberty and economic freedom.

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