Sep 24, 2010

Third-party Senate candidate spreads his message across Utah
A Cache County man is crisscrossing the state to let voters know there is another choice for U.S. Senate this fall other than the two major-party candidates.
Who is... Scott Bradley?
Scott Bradley is an independent business owner from Logan who has been involved in Utah politics for over 40 years. The former republican has served as a County Central Committee member, a Precinct Chairman, County Delegate, State Delegate, and State Central Committee member of the Republican Party of Utah. He made the switch to the Constitution Party to "better champion the Constitution."
Scott Bradley is Constitution Party candidate running alongside Republican Mike Lee and Democrat Sam Granato. Bradley is a serious student of history who says his platform is the Constitution itself.
"You're going to get more of the same if you elect either one of the other candidates," Bradley said.
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