Sep 25, 2010

ME: Cutler Releases Four Point Plan to Bolster Tourism in Maine

From the Cutler Campaign:

Yet, you and I need to be partners from the beginning in jumpstarting and rebuilding Maine’s economy. So here is my ante, my good faith bargain with you –
First, the Cutler Administration will develop and sustain the Maine brand, one that embraces everything about Maine, from who we are to what we sell. It is one of our most important assets and competitive advantages.
Second, A centerpiece of the government restructuring plan that I proposed a few weeks ago is a new department in which we will consolidate the economic development functions that are now scattered all over state government. We will call it the Department of Commerce and Tourism.
Third, I have called for a longer school year as a part of my education reform proposal. I also think that in a state where tourism and hospitality is the number one industry, we should make every effort to start our school year after Labor Day, and I will try to make that change all across Maine.
Finally, I will give you the respect that you deserve as Maine’s number one industry. When I am Governor, you will have not just a friend in the Blaine House, you will have a tireless advocate and a staunch defender.

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