Sep 6, 2010

MA: Democrats See Evil Conspiracy in Independent's Bid for Congress

Like their Republican counterparts, many Democrats suffer from paranoid delusions. From the Boston Globe:
James A. Sheets has campaigned for Congress before and lost. That was 32 years ago. He last ran for office nine years ago when he was denied by 17 votes an extension of his 12-year reign as mayor of Quincy. Now 75, he has shed his lifelong Democratic Party affiliation to run for Congress again, this time as an independent, for the open 10th Congressional District seat. . . .

But some Democratic operatives believe there is something more mischievous going on. They fear he is running to siphon away Democratic votes in the Nov. 2 election in Quincy, a blue-collar, heavily Democratic city, which usually accounts for more than 10 percent of the turnout in a district that snakes along the South Shore to Cape Cod and the Islands.

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