Sep 6, 2010

MA: Number of Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office has "Increased Significantly" Since 2006

From the Boston Globe:

Cahill, the first independent to be running [for governor] with a high public profile, having won statewide office twice, has enough money to remain competitive on TV. Green-Rainbow party candidate Jill Stein, who got 3.5 percent of the vote in her run for governor in 2002, is also in the race.

Since the last gubernatorial election in 2006, the number of independent or third-party candidates in Massachusetts has increased significantly. Four years ago, two independents and a Socialist Workers Party candidate challenged the all-Democrat US House delegation. This year there are 10 independents running for congressional seats.

Similarly, four years ago, 14 independent or third-party candidates ran for the state Legislature. This year there are 36.

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