Oct 2, 2010

GA Libertarian John Monds: "Vote Your Conscience"

From Kyle Wingfield of the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

John Monds wants you to know that you can have your vote and like it, too. Monds is the Libertarian running for governor. That role, for as long as it’s existed in this state, has been seen as little more than a spoiler: Think of national candidates (but not Libertarians) like Ross Perot in 1992, or Ralph Nader in 2000.
But this year in Georgia, Monds told me Wednesday, “people are pretty much resigned [to the fact] that there’s going to be a runoff. … “So, if they believe eventually they may be saddled with one of the two [other] parties, they can save that vote for the runoff. But the first go-around, they should definitely vote their conscience, or vote for the candidate that they want or against the candidates that they don’t want.”
Of course, in order to "vote your conscience" you have to have a conscience first.  And judging from their voting records, it is not entirely clear that this is the case for a great many Republicans and Democrats.  

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