Oct 2, 2010

MA: Modern Whig Party Endorses Candidate for State Representative

From Wicked Local:
The Modern Whig Party (modernwhig.org) announced this week that they will be helping Lalig Musserian bring solutions oriented public service, not the partisan bickering that currently plagues Beacon Hill, to the people of the 24th Middlesex District. Lalig Musserian is the third candidate endorsed by the Modern Whig Party this year and the first candidate in Massachusetts. . . .

Lalig Musserian had this to say about her endorsement from the Modern Whig Party, “The Modern Whig party represents moderate voters who are from all walks of life, and who choose values based on common sense and non partisan solutions to the myriad of issues that face us in Belmont, North Cambridge and East Arlington. As one of 30,000 Americans across the country that associate themselves with the Whig party in the last few years, I am working in conjunction with an organization that reflects my political beliefs. Like many independent Americans, I have been disappointed in the partisan bickering found in the two main American parties as well as certain groups that state they represent the independent voice, but in fact are like the two parties and continue to bicker with no solutions. I know that the Modern Whig Party and I stand for the same ideals as a majority of moderate American voters. As a candidate for state representative I want only what is best for residents of the 24th Middlesex District."

Whig National Chairman Andrew Evans said, “Lalig Musserian is very involved in her community in a meaningful way. Lalig’s approach, common sense for uncommon times, resonates with all voters, especially those flocking to the Modern Whig Party. Voters in general are disgusted with the bickering between Republicans and Democrats, and are more concerned with solutions from all levels of government that keeps the real needs of real people in mind.”

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Anonymous said...

Lalig Musserian is an independent candidate, which is an interesting detail that this article ought to mention.