Oct 28, 2010

MS: Constitution Party candidate, Giaramita, profiled in Desoto Times

From the Desoto Times:
Gail Giaramita, a Constitution Party candidate in the 1st U.S. Congressional District race, said America needs to "turn back to God" and adhere to the tenets of the U.S. Constitution.  In her DeSoto Times-Tribune editorial board interview, she opened her remarks with a prayer.

Giaramita previously ran for Mississippi State Representative as a Republican. "We have storms coming," Giaramita said. "If we don't turn back to God quickly, we won't have the foundation we need to face them."
  Giaramita called for less government intervention in the lives of ordinary Americans.  "The framing fathers envisioned we would be in control of our own lives and our money," she said.

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