Oct 28, 2010

WV: Constitution Party Candidate Vies for Byrd's Vacant Senate Seat, Calls for Audit of Fed

From the Parthenon:

A third-party candidate is seeking to be elected to the U.S. Senate to fill the seat left vacant by Robert C. Byrd. Jeff Becker, the Constitution Party's candidate for the election of West Virginia's new U.S. Senator, said he wants to help government make a return to Constitutional values.

Becker said if he is elected, initiating an audit of the Federal Reserve will be a top priority. "It's a shadowy organization," Becker said. "There's nothing federal about it. It's a private bank. "We need to get back to sound constitutional money. Our money is supposed to be based on silver and gold, but the paper money that is being printed isn't backed by anything."

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