Oct 11, 2010

There is only One Party in Washington D.C.: the Pro-War Party and the Anti-War Vote

From WAMM Today:

If most of the apocalyptic prognostications are realized, the GOP/Tea Party coalition is going to win big next month. And, typically, those of a progressive, liberal, anti-war Democratic persuasion are saying, “We can avoid the tsunami of Tea Party crazies by sticking with the Democrats. The Dems may be bad, but the Tea Partiers are even worse!”

And I ask you, how does voting fearfully, ignorantly, and irresponsibly (sticking with the Democrats, voting for the lesser of two evils, voting against someone) advance the Anti-war agenda? And that is what we are concerned about isn’t it? Advancing the Anti-war agenda?  Like you, I’ve already heard the arguments, variations on a theme of fear, ignorance, and irresponsibility . . .

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