Oct 11, 2010

VT: Independent Todd Pritsky Endorsed by Progressive and Conservationist Groups

From Vermont Commons:
Independent Todd Pritsky is very proud to have received an endorsement from the Vermont League of Conservation Voters.  "I'm thrilled to be listed among so many Republicans, Progressives, Democrats and other Independents who are dedicated to a conservative approach in preserving Vermont's unique character while building a sustainable 21st century economy," Pritsky said.  Referring to the diverse slate announced today, he also remarked, "it shows that conservation goes beyond party lines and is just a traditional Vermont value."

The VTLCV endorsement comes on the heels of Todd's earning a nod from the non-partisan group Progressive Push last week.  "I was very pleased to receive that one, too," he said, noting that "the folks there accepted my position that fiscal responsibility and progressive policies go hand-in-hand."

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