Nov 21, 2010

A Better Way To Have An Instant Runoff Vote.

This is a cross-posting from A New Kind of Third Party.

Because of the amount and quality of comments I get there, I've been posting quasi-daily over at Daily Kos, but I'll be taking Thanksgiving week off from posting.
Today, I posted about an idea to hybridize Instant Runoff Voting with Approval Voting, whereby there are three stages with the first stage disregarding voters' rankings of candidates to determine three finalists.

PS, I'm taking Thanksgiving week off from blogging and so I'd like to wish any readers a Happy Thanksgiving! We still do have much to be thankful for in my country and this world, even with times being tough. It's healthy to put our gripes with our world aside and focus more on what's good about it periodically and 'tis the season to do so!!!


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