Nov 21, 2010

Constitution Party Organizing in Alaska

From the Constitution Party discussion forum:
Support New Alaska Constitution Party
Welcome to Your New Political Home, the Alaska Constitution Party!  We are your choice for a party vigorously dedicated to upholding the principles of constitutional law. We exist to uphold the Alaska and U.S.A. Constitutions. We hope to educate the public and to field and support local, state and national candidates and issues important to us. We are awaiting approval of our proposed bylaws from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Alaska Division of Elections. Once approved, we will become an official "Political Group" until we can secure enough registered voters (about 8,000) to enable us to earn the designation as a Political Party with automatic ballot status in Alaska.

Alaskan voters may register as Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) members, by downloading the Alaska voter registration form, checking "Other" box in #13 Political Affiliation and filling out the blank line exactly with "Alaska Constitution Party" as your voter registration choice, then mail or deliver completed form to the nearest election office.

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Alaska Constitution Party said...

I have thought long and hard about this and I keep coming back to Fusion & Proportional Representation. I think Fusion is an easier sell. So, this was sent out today to key Alaska legislators:

Dear Senator/Representative,

I am writing as one of your constituents regarding election reform in the State of Alaska. I would like to propose a fusion election system, whereby candidates may simultaneously receive the endorsement of more than one political party. This is the type of system in place in New York. In such a scenario, a candidate may run on both the Republican and Libertarian tickets for example. All votes received on all party lines would then be credited to that candidate. This may be a way out of our current election morass. It is evident that substantive changes are needed. I look forward to your thoughts on this.


J.R. Myers