Nov 15, 2010

Broad Political Opposition to Full Body Scanners: Greens, Libertarians, Constitution Party, Pirate Party United in Opposition

With opposition to the Transportation Security Administration's newest "security" measures growing by the day, it is worth noting that there is broad political opposition to the false choice between strip search and sexual assault.  Full body scanners are notably opposed by Ralph Nader and Matt Drudge, and opposition to the new procedures has received a significant boost from both Prison Planet and Reddit.  Third party and independent activists are also vocal opponents of the new devices as well as "enhanced pat-downs."  For instance:
Constitution Party activists have long been opposed to full body scanners on the grounds of privacy and health risks, not to mention their constitutional qualms. 

• Libertarians are vocal opponents of "abusive TSA strip-search machines."

The Pirate Party warned two months ago that local law enforcement and agents of the national security state have plans to roll these machines out from the airports and into our city streets. 

• At On the Wilder Side, Independent Green activist Kimberly Wilder has been leading the call for a passenger revolt against full body scanners since the new machines and measures were unveiled by DHS/TSA late last month. 
Over the last month, numerous citizens' groups have been founded in opposition to the newest outrage from the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Agency.  Among them are Fed Up Flyers, We Won't Fly, and Opt Out Day, which are organizing a national day of resistance against invasive strip searches and state-sponsored sexual molestation on one of the most hectic travel days of the year: November 24th.


Hank Chapot said...

what if I go through the pat down in my boxer shorts?

d.eris said...

heh, it just might work. the German Pirate Party has held a number of nude protests against the machines at airports in Germany. See: