Nov 15, 2010

Democrats Polling Near Historic Low, Now Even with GOP

Cross posted at Rise of the Center

The latest Gallup tracking poll is showing approval ratings for democrats are holding steady near historic lows, while the GOP is up a bit, but still within the range they’ve seen since they took a major dive in 2005.

(The red lines in the charts below are my modifications, to highlight the trends.)

As you can see, the democrats have been seeing a steady decline since later in 2008… probably when it started to become clear that President Obama wasn’t much different from most other politicians. Will those numbers continue to fall?

The republicans took their big plunge a few years ago, and have been fluctuating between 35% and 47% since. They look to be trending up over the last year or so, but I’d bet that that trend will reverse over the coming months, especially if the GOP doesn’t pass that earmark ban and doesn’t deliver on promises of working on the deficit.

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