Nov 4, 2010

Childish Finger Pointing Begins on the Left – Can’t See Their Own Mistakes Led to Losses

As they hang their heads in shame for losing so badly a mere two years after earning wide majorities in both the House and Senate, the democrats’ new past time is flailing about, childishly looking far and wide for someone, some thing, anything to blame for their problems… other than their own mistakes of course. President Obama embodied this today, during his extended Q & A with reporters, clumsily dodging several questions that boiled down to asking him whether his and the democrats’ agenda was partially to blame for their losses.

Certainly the economy in general would be the one to point at if you insisted on grossly oversimplifying the issue, but its not as if the economy has gotten worse. Having watched the polls intently over the last couple years, the drops in support among the swing voters came during debates over actual legislation that the democrats were pushing, and usually passed, that were not popular. Losses to some extent were probably inevitable, but when you have near total control, and pass several major bills, trying to lay the blame on someone else for your popularity is clearly absurd.

If the Democrats don’t want to lose control of the Senate next time around, and potentially the White House, they better actually start listening to the swing voters in the center… and not just giving us lip service anymore. You’ve got a year.

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