Nov 3, 2010

IAP elects 4 people to local offices, Janine Hansen comes in Second in 3-way State Assembly race

The Independent American Party of Nevada is the Nevada state affiliate of the Constitution Party. It has long been one of the most successful state parties for the Constitution Party. Yesterday they came up with a number of victories in county-wide partisan races. Cody Quirk reports, “the IAP elected John Lampros as White Pine County Commissioner (Seat 5), Falkon Finlinson as Public Administrator of Nye County, Arther Wehrmeister as Esmeralda County District Attorney, and re-elected Jackie Berg as Eureka County Clerk”.
The win in Eureka County was by a margin of only three votes, so expect there to be a recount in that race before results are finalized.
The most anticipated race for the IAP this year was Janine Hansen, who was running for State House. Hansen placed ahead of the Democratic nominee, but behind the Republican candidate, scoring 30.43%.

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