Nov 3, 2010

FL: Darcy Richardson Fires Last Salvo in Race for Gov, "Alex Sink Doesn't Get It"

From Uncovered Politics:

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink has spent much of the autumn campaign trying to distance herself from President Obama. She did so at her own peril, says Darcy G. Richardson, economist Farid Khavari’s running mate for lieutenant governor.

“The fact of the matter is that there never was a real Democrat in this race,” said Richardson while campaigning in Jacksonville on Friday. “From the beginning, Alex Sink has tried to portray herself as a moderate Democrat when, in fact, she supports much of the national Republican agenda.”

Richardson, 54, pointed to Sink’s support for extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, those earning $250,000 or more — a position that puts her at odds with the Obama Administration while exposing her deeply-held Republican ideology.

Contrary to Sink’s misguided and pernicious logic, if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire for the nation’s wealthiest citizens, the vast majority of small businesses will be entirely unaffected, said Richardson, adding that, according to the IRS, less than 3 percent of tax returns reporting small-business income are filed by taxpayers in the top two income brackets — individuals earning $170,000 or families making $210,000 per year.

Eliminating the tax cuts will in no way prevent small businesses from creating the jobs that might lift our sagging economy, said Richardson. “Like Grover Norquist and other conservatives who shamelessly look out for the interests of the rich and well-connected, Alex Sink is propagating a myth.
“The vast majority of small businesses in Florida won‘t pay a penny more in federal taxes if the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy are eliminated,” said the independent candidate for lieutenant governor. “What they really need is credit and a state-owned bank willing and able to provide it.

“Alex Sink doesn’t get it,” he continued. “As Florida’s chief financial officer and a candidate for governor, one would think that she would have a better understanding of tax policy.”
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