Nov 18, 2010

CO: Denver Post Whines about Constitution Party's New Status as Major Party

From the Denver Post:
The sudden rise of the ACP — and the near collapse of the Republican Party — exposed disparities in state laws that govern political parties. (Had the GOP's Dan Maes not topped 10 percent of the gubernatorial vote, the party would have lost its major-party status.)

Earlier, we wrote an editorial calling on lawmakers to address some of the disparities. For example, minor-party candidates aren't allowed to collect campaign donations in the same manner as their big league peers.

However, ACP officials, who are now faced with myriad new challenges as a major party, are trying to take advantage of their newfound status in ways we think are unfair.


Cody Quirk said...

The ACP is now a major-party in Colorado.

Get the fuck over it!

d.eris said...

I hope the ACP makes some headway challenging the primary process. Why should all taxpayers have to foot the bill for some fringe party like the Democrats and Republicans to nominate their corporatist hacks?