Nov 18, 2010

NJ: Councilman's Resignation Leads to Calls for Non-partisan Town Council

See this post at Poli-Tea for background.  From North Jersey news:
An Englewood Cliffs councilman resigned from his seat recently saying he was fed up with the borough's two-party system's focus on political victories rather than serving the community efficiently. While the borough's Democrats and Republicans have argued about who is causing the problems, this brings up a point.
Political parties may play a role in setting the government's agenda on the national level, but town councils do not need Democrats and Republicans. They need open-minded leaders to responsibly deliver their communities a good quality of life.
There are certainly examples of mayors and council members working across the political aisle, but there are just as many instances of block voting by party members.
Voting on ordinances shouldn't be done by party line. It should be done on what the person thinks is best for the residents.
You'd think that we would want elected representatives voting in favor of what is best for constituents, rather than some party, at all levels of government.  Our state legislatures, governor's houses, the US Congress and White House don't need Democrats and Republicans either.

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