Nov 24, 2010

Election Law Protects Ruling Class, Aids in Political Class War against Voters

From Richard Reeves on a change to California's redistricting laws:
A majority of voters [in CA] approved a proposition denying the right of the state legislature to draw the boundaries of legislative and congressional districts. From now on, the districts will be drawn by 14 ordinary citizens, men and women whose names have been drawn from a hat -- not exactly a hat, just one of those spinning cages full of pingpong balls they use in lotteries.

The devils of politics have always been in the details, and in recent American politics the details have been jiggered to favor incumbent congressmen and state legislators, many of them charmingly mediocre. They had the power, and still do in most states, to craftily craft districts to make it difficult to unseat incumbents of either party. In other words, American election laws are basically a contract between the Democrats and Republicans in office to preserve each other and keep outsiders where they belong, outside. Election rules. Ballot designs. Voter registration. All these things were designed to protect incumbents against ordinary voters.  [Emphasis added.]

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DLW said...

This is why the use of 3-seated elections matter, since they'll give outsiders to the two major parties the sway needed to trim other aspects that unduly support the reign of the current two major parties.