Nov 26, 2010

NYC: Reverend Billy Leads Buy Nothing Day Parade of Angels

Social activists Reverend Billy is a former Green Party candidate for mayor of NYC.  Today, he is leading a "parade of angels" in support of Buy Nothing Day:
Join The Life After Shopping Singers, Preachers and Angels!
Friday, November 26, 3 – 4 PM
Start from Columbus Circle East, near the angel statue
All trains to 59th Street

Along our parade route bank branches are everywhere: Chase, Citi, B of A, HSBC, Barclay’s, Amalgamated, TD, UBS, and Chase again. A pack of Demons! The marketing techniques of retail banking resembles any corporate consumer campaign, the same smiling actors with their promises of happiness, power, youth… The big banks also move hundreds of millions to super malls and chains, overwhelming neighborhood and community shops. Some of the banks, UBS especially – finance such earth-abusive activities as “Mountaintop Removal.”

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Anonymous said...

Reverend Billy stiffed the paid petitioning company that got him on the ballot for Mayor of New York city in 2009. He bought something but then didn't pay for it.