Nov 18, 2010

MI: Inclusive 5th-Grade Class Presidential Debate a Model for Supposed Grownups

From Advisor and Source Newspapers:
After holding a primary election earlier this month, fifth-grade students at Morgan Elementary School participated in a presidential debate Nov. 15 before heading to the polls the next day.

The event was organized by Angelo Harwood, a teacher at the school. According to Hardwood, the students involved are learning about the election process and have begun to identify the political party - Democrat, Republican or Independent - with which they believe they most align. . . .
Representing the Republican Party during the debate were presidential candidate Eamonn Gehle and his running mate, Thomas Alsobrooks . . . Anna Davies aligned herself with the Democratic Party prior to the debate. She was joined by vice-presidential candidate Domenic Angeli . . . Third-party candidate Dante Candela chose to run as an Independent. His choice for vice president was Thomas Dunn.
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