Nov 24, 2010

Ted Rall: The Two-Party State is a Failed State

From an interview at Street Roots:
Ted Rall: The United States is broken. Politically and economically, primarily, but I would argue in a lot of other ways, too. The economic system, I think it’s clear to everyone, has failed. Throughout the last four years, we’ve seen a decline in wages. People supplemented that by borrowing more money and so easy credit made up for that, to drive the consumer economy. But when the credit markets seized in 2008, suddenly you couldn’t earn money, you couldn’t borrow money. Now, there’s no new jobs and there’s no jobs program, so there’s not going to be any money. You also see a political system that’s monopolized by the Democratic-Republican duopoly, where a third party, like the Greens or the Libertarians, have no way of breaking in and therefore (the duopoly) doesn’t represent the vast majority of Americans. I cite four major events over the last 10 years that demonstrate that. . . .

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