Dec 23, 2010

Communist Commentator Calls for Unity with Obama Democrats

On the left, the Communist Party have been consistent supporters of Barack Obama and the outgoing Democratic ruling majority.  From Jarvis Tyner, from People's World, a CPUSA publication:
I think most left people understand that the main danger to democracy and progress is coming from the extreme right, GOP/tea party and their powerful corporate backers. The Communist Party will not agree with our liberal allies at every turn, but we keep pushing for unity, we keep working to find the tactics that keep a broad labor and people's coalition, that keeps the movement for change going. . . . If  we want to win more economic and democratic rights for working people, minorities, women, young people, etc., it is self defeating to use this tax compromise difference to "break" with Obama. . . . Communists say that even though we are not in agreement with the president on many basic issues, he implemented many of his campaign promises. Progressive researchers who track that sort of thing give him pretty good marks. . . .

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Gene Berkman said...

The Communist Party has loyally supported the Democratic Party since 1936, after the Comintern adopted the Popular Front policy.

In 1948 the CP sponsored the Progressive Party campaign of Henry Wallace in opposition to Truman's anti-Soviet foreign policy moves. But they lost so much influence in labor unions when the opposed the Democrats that they abandoned the third party within 4 years.

In 1996 and 2000 the CP devoted much effort to attacking Ralph Nader's Green Party campaign, in order to help the Democrats retain power.