Dec 24, 2010

Tancredo Hints He May Declare his Political Independence

From the Huffington Post:
"I have no qualms about running as a Constitution Party nominee and their platform is, for the most part, I think, certainly acceptable to me," Tancredo told the Colorado Statesman on the day he filed his papers to become the ACP candidate.

Now, months after Tancredo's gubernatorial bid failed, the former candidate is opening up about his relationship with the ACP. Tancredo told conservative blogger Ari Armstrong on Monday that he "probably won't be a member [of the ACP] for very long." . . .

Asked about his party affiliation in the immediate aftermath of election day, Tancredo would not give a direct answer as to his plans. "We'll see where it goes. Unless there is some purpose, I don't know if I will go back to Republican. I'm not sure I will stay with ACP either," he told the Denver Post. "Maybe I will become an independent. It's a lot of heavy stuff to think about."

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