Dec 14, 2010

(Much) Progressivism is dysfunctional!

What we need is not more fiery progressive rhetoric! Instead, we need to focus less on the purportedly important national or presidential issues and more on purportedly unimportant local issues. It's in the latter where we are most influential and have a greater capacity to make a difference. And the greater amount of good done in our many different locales would trickle up into our national politics. Local efforts would collectively help to emerge a more robust or organic system of checks and balances in our national politics.

For we need more checks and balances to reverse our course into utter kleptocracy. But more checks and balances are not the same thing as making our system "fair" to third parties or ending the influence of $peech. I myself focus on 3-seated state assembly elections because I believe that it would direct more voter attention to local politics and that we'd likely be better voters if we started off with our local issues and then followed how they spill-over into not-so-local or national issues.


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