Dec 13, 2010

Who'd Benefit from Strategic Election Reform?

I posted today a blog entry at A New Kind of Party and over at Daily Kos that go into the detail about who'd benefit from Strategic Election Reform.

The underlying question is who'd benefit the most? And the obvious immediate answer would be me... but the truth is that the gains would be spread out widely amongst everyone who doesn't benefit unduly from the status quo. Yet the same could be said for Campaign Finance Reform, and yet folks still put a lot of their time, money and energy into charging against the windmill of the freedom of $peech. Some of that should be available for state-level electoral reform! And, so long as I'm on my soap-box, it ought to be obvious that a less-is-more form of 3-seated elections that mimic our current election rules in most respects, are the best way to introduce "greater proportional" representation into our political system. It is the best in most respects. It is the best, except it doesn't try to get strictly proportional and it might be difficult to figure out which specific group would be most likely to fund its launch.


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