Jan 2, 2011

IN: Libertarian City Councilor Fights Republican Corporate Welfare Statists

From guire at the Libertarian Party of Indiana:

In this coming year, I will face a serious challenge: Maintaining my seat as a City-Councilor in Indianapolis. I currently have served as an at-large city-county councilor since 2007, and it has been a privilege to serve over a million citizens. In 2009, I made the decision to leave the Republican Party for the Libertarian Party.

The Marion County Republican party has spent the last four years giving welfare to major corporations, denying the second amendment rights all Indianapolis citizens are due, and punishing those within their party that dare to speak up for principle. It was easier to fight for libertarian principles as single voice on the council than it was to continually be silenced for the principles on which I stand.

I’ve been a consistent voice against the Republican majority’s policies of bailouts for the CIB, a $30 million dollar bailout for the Pacers, the creation of new government controlled monopolies benefiting special interests, and keeping taxes low. I need your help to get this message out. . . .

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